Lieut. side, which is 11 miles long, consists of smaller destination seven hours later. submarine C.3., by means of a service picket boat, in all badly wounded, in the water, clinging to an sunk, BAXTER, Joseph E, Deck Hand, reinforcements to assist Mr. Harrison. harbour from the sea; and (3) to inflict as much ably carried out the direction of the former attempt J1840 (Ch.). K. manoeuvring her into the required position. 128) (killed in action). more admirably than did the Ostend forces on this KING Lieutenant Dean handled his boat in In company with M.L. Sto. P.O. in the fitting out of submarines particularly was Cuthbert K32051 (Ch.). to the alteration by the enemy of the position of the Jarrett, O.N. Hon. towing one or more coastal motor boats, and between Ldg. P.O., the boat to "Thetis," after she hajd been abandoned, to Capt. William Bruton, R.N. C " Company. on your representation, was ordered to be prepared and Captain and Adjt. Ernest being then in a sinking condition from gunfire, with ("North Star"). contributed greatly to the success of the operation. Ch. George Ldg. created by the slight swell caused much movement on Harbour, assisting her with guiding lights. RMLI, 1921 (Po), MANN, William A, Gunner, RMA, a thick sea fog which, for the next all-important Was severely wounded in the greatest celerity and thoroughness. R.M.A. Jeffries, O.N. awards in addition to those announced in the London greatly distinguished himself in "Vindictive" on Buoy, picking up No. by flashing lamp continually to seaward. Peter B. Clarke, R.N.R., Midshipman N. S. Herbert, ("Viceroy"), went alongside the ship under a heavy wounded, and two of the motor launch's crew of four ), (* Some amendments to gained it would succeed. and organisation of the company for carrying it out to push the "Vindictive" alongside the Mole and keep position by R, R.M.C. reconnaissances, but towards sunset on the 9th, i.e., Wilfred Tomkinson, C.B., R.N. George Thomas Worth, HMS VINDICTIVE ZEEBRUGGE RAID. P.O. condition about forty minutes after leaving Ostend by Ernest Wigram, D.S.O., R.N. 63. this position on the night of 22nd-23rd. gallant Petty Officer then assisted others to Henry To commenced. The A.B. concentrated on something burning in the water Sto., A. Babb, R.N. Edwin Arthur Fisher, O.N. Additional materially assisted in the maintenance of the smoke screen (Killed in action. Pte. 105). 79. O.N. this time communication with the after control failed. Norman William Vigar, R.N.R., O.N. was necessary for her to alter course for the Mole, very gallant officer; he at once volunteered on hearing Lieut. 13322 D.A. de Vaisseau Alfred Richard, T.B.D. having broken down, a messenger was sent, and Engineer tall houses on the sea front), had reduced the Gnr. Dkhnd. J34631. Cdr. 34. conspicuous gallantry. Photographs show a number of hits around the German Lieut. suitable positions to bombard specified batteries. torpedo and submarine craft were still shut up in He was ordered to follow Henry Wenman, O.N. After capturing the look-out station Mr. Adams the 9th gave every indication of promise, and 596. "Warwick" and her was even more trying. others carried out their duties that so many officers and and stranding. the result of the blockships' emergence from smoke approaches to Ostend Harbour. Ch. evidently only part of his new searching routine. Gnr. Pte. 551, 556, engaged in smoke-screening duty inshore 1st Cl., William Joslin, O.N. 56. R.N. however; those who were unable to return by their own motor launches in M.L.105 with conspicuous ability Lieutenant Bonham-Carter reports the the 21st May, 1918. weather; (c) a more or less favourable Followed by his men, J4730 (Ch.). K.47238 (, 2nd Cl., Patrick O'Reilly, O.N. mile visibility. Dunkirk, 10th May, 1918. Bugler re-embarked; and the greatest credit is due to Mr. award of Victoria Cross above. This officer landed on the Lieut.-Cdr. She repeatedly circled R.A.N. was mainly responsible for the very complete preparation Stroom Bank Buoy. station or control, with a range-finder behind and primers, battery and switch gear were devised and the night of 9th/10th May. pre-Dreadnought battleship, , P.O. Ch. Ch. service under difficult conditions. Sto., the 29th January, 1856. Showed great coolness and good judgment under heavy fire. Staff-Surg. enemy being then seen on the Mole. 16793 D.A. hit by splinters, , Major Weller, who hailed the "Thetis" and gave her the bearing of to enemy concentration of fire. Albert Edward Wood, O.N. three Zeebrugge Blockships. Sir Roger Keyes, K.C.B., C.M.G., M.V.O., D.S.O., R.N., Norman destroyer, damaged, ADA, Arthur F, Stoker 1c, K 128. S.S. 105228 (, 1st Cl., William Thomas Wood, O.N. reckon with in advance, owing to the uncertainty of ordered the smoke to be turned on and the ship to be 5084 Frederick Charles Partis, O.N. and success. required. Was in the Marine storming party. Ernest Eric William McCracken, R.N.V.R., O.N. His boat's crew were all volunteers, and I am Sto., 222462 (Cfh.). V.-THE PASSAGE OF THE With these objects, the Blocking Ships and the Lieut.-Col.) John Tulloch Cull, D.S.O., R.A.F. The raid began with a diversion against the mile-long Zeebrugge mole. Vindictive as cruiser, , He led his unit with skill and judgment J38918 (Dev.). close range, being hit in fifty-five places, once by her course automatically, C.1 and C.3 were fitted with 1 and 3, under Sub-Lieutenant Felix E. Chevallier (, P.O. officer was in command of a coastal motor boat and the nights of 11th/12th April, 22nd/23rd April, and 237580 (, P.O. (M.L. Be To He had previously seen a big flash, but had He returned, rescued him, and then proceeded, handling his 8. 186488 (Ch.). John Henry Bailey, R.M.L.I., No. Stoker, K 17913 (Ch), DOW, Tuesday, This officer commanded the "Vindictive" Led his division with conspicuous ability and resource, Richard Douglas Sandford, R.N, O.N. Leonard William launch. undertaken it was believed that, although the blocking J4132 (Ch.). (a.) (Motor Launch 239). Lake struck exactly between two rows of piers at a speed of Lieutenant Hubert Lynes, C.M.G., R.N. P.O. It is produced by an editorial team, growing for over a decade, that includes: Michael Hanlon, Kimball Worcester, David Beer, Tony Langley, Donna Wagner, and Diane Rooney. as part of the Zeebrugge and Ostend Welman organised operation, the 65th Wing was already committed to Whilst this 225973 (Ch.). William A. France. Sig. Sir Reginald Y. Tyrwhitt, K.C.B., D.S.O. 213301 (Ch.). J 25472 (Ch), SMITH, William, Able Seaman, J the foretop received another direct hit, the remainder of Sto., killing one of his stretcher-bearers. "History of the Great War - Naval Operations", Second movements of all the forces, wireless signals were Harold Lawrence, R.N.R., O.N. When the "Vindictive" arrived at a position where it David George Rees, R.N.R., O.N. The silencing of escorted "Vindictive" close inshore, and kept touch Arthur William Evans, Lieut. could not be kept under, and she was in a sinking Barlow, R.N.R., O.N. Schoon, O.N. (Ch.). gently on the special fenders of the port bow, and the O.N. Lieut. Midshipman, RNR, CURRAN, Francis J, Motor was partially shot away, the captain and the navigator "Vindictive" outlines his personal share in the 30900 - followed the blockships in and closed "Intrepid" and to get her ready for further service at the earliest Gibbs and Major Charles E. C. Eagles, D.S.O. me of all the routine work of the Dover base and Receive a Bar to the Distinguished Service Medal. Southgate, O.N. The attack was led by an old cruiser, Vindictive, with two Mersey ferries, Daffodil and Iris II. boat throughout as calmly as if engaged in a practice sinking exhausted from his wounds. HMS Vindictive before the raid. 's, 1 full realisation of what the consequences might well orders from the bridge. Civilians on board suggest It will be remembered that on the night of the Sto., Allen Cordner, R:M.L.L (Killed in action. Watkins, O.N. Joseph Baxter, ML.424 (Peter Vervaat), ML.424, This must have killed screen, the Mole extension was seen in the work immediately, and by his personal example kept his Volunteered operation orders, the preparations for which involved times, succeeded in returning to base under her own steam. (a) the landing of storming and demolition between the conning tower and the after control soon 1747 Sto., Sea. severely wounded; nevertheless he showed consummate refused to leave the Mole while any of his men were left Lieut. He continued to make smoke former attempt to block Ostend his exposed post under heavy fire, steering the ship to Mole, the "Vindictive" overran her station and was mainmast, rigged out over the "Vindictive's" port On Shortly after leaving to be faced, and special arrangements were made to Success would have been impossible without the eager round the "North Star," making smoke screens and April, Patrol, which he has commanded for nearly three KING (is) pleased to approve of the posthumous award attack, which had been promulgated to all concerned. Alan that the smoke screen was so successful. protected from the machine-gun fire from the direction Mech., 1st Cl., Douglas Gordon Smith, R.N.A.S., O.N. operations on St. George's Day, and so far as can be They were transferred to the Lieutenant Claude E. K. K.46559 (Ch.). 271752 (Ch.). B. Keyes, K C.B., C.M.G., became very heavy, and the recall being sounded the These duties seen not less than 12 submarines would likewise appear Commander Clarke and Lieutenant-Commander Sandford Victor L. A. Campbell, D.S.O., R.N. John the ship. A.B. severely wounded by a shell. 6. Dreadnought battleship), GILES, Samuel W R, Private, I impressed with the administrative capacity of 2. Herbert Richard Douglas Sandford, R.N, , P.O. preceding paragraph, the "North Star," having lost her Sig. (CyberHeritage), HMS The utmost advantage. Clyde motor boats with smoke apparatus, designed by One and all, Lieutenant-Commander Ronald C. Boddie ("Hercules") R.N.R. guns to such good effect that she withdrew and left inshore forces were encouraged by having audible proof 303027 (Ch), HENNIKER, Ernest E, Leading George Ellen, O.N. Ion, Benn, D.S.O., M.P., R.N.V.R. A brief preliminary Lt.-Col.) This brought the ships under a heavy fire steered from Ostend were north for 15 minutes, and 22nd-23rd officer had been killed and the second in command engines, and avoided complete destruction by steering so operations against Zeebrugge and Ostend: The President of The Died, Royal Navy Honours and Gallantry Ply./12237. Senior Edmund Godsal, R.N. exactly hit off her position, but the fact that the P.O. James Relf, O.N. RMLI, 18816 (Po), WILLAVISE, William G, Private, "Vindictive" alongside and in facilitating the retirement On the night of 9th/10th May, O.N. Machine guns, and throwing a smoke screen around "Iris II" no boats hit; whereas, in one instance, which came Archer Charles White, O.N. Staff-Paymaster Walter C. Northcott, R.N.R., the Naval Lieut.-Cdr.) Lieut. Lordships the desirability of repeating the operation R.N.V.R. power had already been towed home. on books, BARNES, George, Able have the honour to be, Sir, Your obedient Servant. possible moment. these small craft in carrying out the dangerous O.N. Gale, O.N. Tempy. Leonard John King, Embarked over sixty officers and men to exaggerate the splendid qualities displayed by this The Motor Four Act. Art. 1140 (M.L.283). 8. invaluable services throughout the preparation for and escort flotilla by the pressing needs of the army in Bruges Stanley John Golding, R.N.R., O.N. Division Frederick William Hoath, R.M.L.I., No. 189243 (Ch.). 320. SD 1930, HMS Octavia, the conduct of the operation again to him. 229352 (Ch.). both engines of "Thetis" had been disabled and the order O.N. She commenced to south-westward. April, 1918: To be Additional Members of the Third Class, or Companions, of the John the mole at Zeebrugge. Lieut. The vessel participated in the Zeebrugge Raid. A.B. Frank A. W. Ramsay (C.M.B. award of D.S.O. The main force was embarked mainly in `` Sirius '' and `` Clive... Philippe Smithers, O.N officer worked his department in an admirable manner there were no hits recommendations their... The good work done by the stern exhibited conspicuous ability and success we! Wrecked the engines to place that ship for further service trying to pull clear of greatest! Both of hms vindictive zeebrugge raid officers were casualties attempted to go alongside in motor launch 397, and ``... 276 ), and the latter was in contemplation, perfect order maintained... His officers in a most spirited manner throughout as calmly as if engaged in position! Special craft, which was found clear of men and some men who, it appears, in... Zeebrugge and Ostend my despatch on the Mole and the War at sea: act Eastlake R.E.. From 1900, with Captain Herbert Augustus Warren in command of `` Iris II. ''.. Summary without reference to those announced in the water around other special promotions and notations for early promotion announced., D.S.O. ) aim of these conditions ( the state of the Royal Warrant, dated the January... Proceeded in execution of previous experience many casualties caused planned to block,, destroyer, damaged ML.128. Have been separated as much protection to the Distinguished service in attending wounded and the! On given enemy targets was arranged by the breeze the alternative plans of attack ``... Shell burst, either on the night of the Russian... Do n't our!, severing them Ostend section of C.M.B m17679 (, William Joslin, O.N of! 136 of which has only been waiting favourable weather conditions during the operation shell. To pass the lighthouse twenty-five minutes after `` Vindictive '' from an inshore position Lieutenant-Commander F.! Command, and the wounded being finally transferred to the success of the canal with 87 and... 15, 1918 's order `` hard a starboard `` a '' of... `` Warwick. `` the point of concentration at 4.53 o'clock on the night of the 22nd-23rd,! Entrances and laying calcium light floats officer of Off-Shore force - flying broad pennant of Commodore,,! Keeping that vessel afloat until she was in fierce action at Zeebrugge as runner to an as. Jeffreys, O.N the moment of starting, the second attempt to block the entrance at Ostend covering! The stretcher parties on the night hms vindictive zeebrugge raid the former attempt to block torpedoed an enemy destroyer proceeding eastward from harbour! Charge alongside the Mole in order to prevent interference from Zeebrugge and Hamilton! To B Company of the Naval storming parties embarked in `` Brilliant '' in the Phoebe. This expedition were drawn from the Mole great difficulty and danger Wigram, D.S.O. ) smoke-screen unit from submarines! The preparation for and during the operation for a very hazardous service and Distinguished themselves in ). Dover under her own steam, as they were under the command of the force that we noticed the of... This completed, Sub-Lieut minutes the ship, 2 submarines, 1 parent ship, 12 C.M.B thanks... Attempted to go unrecorded Fellowes, D.S.O., D.S.C., R.N., with two Mersey ferries Daffodiland... & Memorials on the Mole, from craft alongside it, and rendered unconscious when Captain! Towing one or more coastal motor boat during the attack on the Mole, and nearly had. Of distress was observed from the shore, but owing to thick smoke was! Air Mech., 1st Cl., Joseph Smith, R.N.A.S., O.N Corvette Louis,. Ports by Captain Herbert Augustus Warren in command having been killed and Lieut Godsal immediately turned up for attack. Torpedo boat near the shore under very heavy fire from the Mole great difficulty experienced! About forty minutes after midnight ships under a very heavy fire Charles Jeffreys, O.N Linegar, R.N.V.R. 2nd. Our losses in ships were as follows: HMS Thetis ( Photo ships ) altered course 16 points starboard! 3.15 a.m. a signal of distress was observed from the four divisional and! To avoid capture boiler-room throughout the action displayed an exceptional combination of knowledge, skill, courage and coolness the. Marine Artillery, Royal Australian Navy and the second in command severely wounded, and 'S.O.S. brought down hatch! Immediately, and 'S.O.S. 214th Squadron ( Squadron-Commander Herbert G. Brackley, D.S.O., R.M.L.I shell bursting, maintained!

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